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Solent Academies Trust


Partnerships & Growth

Our Trust Dividend is accelerated further through Aim 4 in our Trust Strategic Plan focused on ‘Increasing Civic Impact’.  Our academies that have been graded by OFSTED as outstanding are well placed to provide a ready made pool of expertise, talent and additional support to those schools, teams and individuals across and beyond our Trust who have the least and need the most. 
Releasing this capacity is key to how we ensure rapid school improvement and turn around where starting points are low and acts as a pivotal lever to close any disadvantage gaps for the most vulnerable pupils.
For those schools who may not have been inspected since becoming an academy and those who are still improving, we recognise there is still a great deal that we can learn from each other. For example, Littlegreen Academy continues to embed excellence having started at a very low starting point when the school join in 2019, however, as a result of the restless and relentless improvement over time, the community have now received a 'Good' rating from Ofsted and now have a Challenge Partners Nationally Accredited Area of Excellence for others to learn from.
Our Trust PLEDGE is underpinned by a commitment to philanthropic support to rapidly accelerate school improvement, ensuring that no child or school is left behind.
We achieve this by mobilising expertise and support, peer to peer, school to school, and MAT to MAT.  Collaboration and partnerships occur both from the bottom up where links and networks, such as our System Excellence and Challenge Forum established by Vice Principals, and top down where members of our Trust Strategic Leadership Team identify a need for support and swiftly implement plans to ensure no
time is lost.
“A day is a day too long for a child to be educated in a failing school”.

(Ambition Institute, School improvement what it is not and how build systems create it).

Impact from our Partnerships across our Trust deep partnerships will:
  • further enhance capacity & capability across our community to secure
  • better outcomes for pupils
  • increase equality of opportunity & social inclusion for our communities & those we support beyond our Trust
  • add more value to the lives of our children and their families & reduce disadvantage gaps by calibrating excellence & enhancing opportunities that enrich human flourishing
  • ensure that every teacher & leader is supported to be the very best they can be for our pupils
  • increase resilience through hard-wired collaboration & economies of scale

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